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We exist to provide theological answers to your questions without fear of debate, remorse, shame or ridicule. While everyone will not agree with us, we are open for others to disagree, it just won’t be on this site. So, if you have a question about the Christian Faith, Scripture, Church History, Biblical Interpretation, Salvation, The Person of God etc., we can help you. Ask your question today or browse the archives.

God-Sized Revelation

God has revealed Himself through His word. So we offer contextual answers to most every question because outside of Scripture it is just conjecture and philosophy. We won’t waste time telling you what we feel, but rather what Scripture teaches on these matters. Most of our questions will be answered in our weekly one hour podcast. Archives and articles, as well as sound files and videos, are available.

Your Home for Theology ANSWERS

We are not a depository we are people who care about giving you true and specific answers.


For the Inquisitive or Skeptic

We can answer the questions you long to know. Even if you do not frankly believe. There is no harm in asking for knowledge sake.

For the Believer

We can help you grow in your understanding of Scripture, the Christian faith, and everything else on your palette of inquiry.


Founder and President of Christian Defense Ministries, an Apologetics and teaching ministry that focuses on defending the faith against trinitarian heresy and against the cults among many things. His early days were spent in “altar-call” ministries.

Edward Dalcour

Theologian, Apologist, Professor, Contextual Criticism, Cults, Greek

Founder of Anchoring Faith ministries, a pastoral equipping group, and Grace Pastor’s Seminary. After serving since 1996 in churches in GA, VA, and California, he is now the Teaching Pastor of Sovereign GraceTruth Baptist Church in GA since 2011.

James Tippins

Pastor, Professor, Pastoral & Applied Theology, Johannine Epistles

The ANSWERS Will Come

If you need to be anonymous, that’s fine. If you want an email back, we can do that also. If you want a phone call, we’ll schedule it. If you want a discussion, we’ll podcast it. No matter what, we can dialog on these theological matters in any format and through any medium without any strings attached or injury to your mind, heart, soul or head.

This is the best place to get the answers you want.

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