Scripture shows that GOD ALONE is worthy of worship. Exodus 20:5 even states that God will bring wrath on anyone who worships any other “god”. So, Scripture reveals that Jesus is worshipped and thus, as we’ll see, Jesus is God.

God created all things and nothing that has been created exists apart from Him. So, when Scripture teaches that Jesus created all things and is above ALL creation, then He cannot be a created being, He must be God.

Jesus NEVER says, “I am God” because that would not be a claim to deity. However, He clearly claims to be God in stronger and more solid ways. This episode quickly looks at these claims. Next week we will look at the witness of God the Father in Scripture concerning the deity of Jesus, God the Son. This is part 4 of an 8 part series.

Continuing with Part 3 of our 8 part series on the Divine Nature of Jesus we continue to look at various texts that clearly show Jesus as God in the New Testament. Next week we will show where Jesus claimed to be God personally.

Jesus is God. This is clearly taught in Scripture and over these next few episodes, Edward and James will look at the witness of scripture, the apostles, the Son & the Father. This episode looks specifically at the passages that show Jesus’ divinity in the Gospel of John.

While many people claim to be Christian and to understand the truth of the gospel of grace, few people can articulate the basics of the gospel. In this episode, Edward and James articulate the essentials of the gospel as revealed in Scripture.

Questions from listeners on this broadcast:

Is there a difference between the word “Rhema” and “Logos” in meaning and interpretation?  Does this difference teach us that there is a “written word” and an “inner voice” of God?
Does Regeneration precede faith? If so, how do you know this according to scripture?

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Many have always argued, “No man can be confident in his salvation.” But what does the Bible teach? Is there such teaching as “once saved, always saved?” What about perseverance? Edward and James discuss this important doctrine and how the believer should understand that security is all of God, not of man.

We live in a day and age where many cults exist. Sadly, many people don't realize they are in a cult that has used the Scriptures for their own purposes and gain. Some use it for financial gain while others use it for the gain of self glory. Scripture reveals that in the redemption of His people, God has eliminated any possibility¬†of “personal” boasting before Him in that He has purposed, provided and completed and work of redemption by His mercy (Grace) and nothing can thwart His work and no man can be lost if Christ has paid for their sins. This episode deals with the holistic teaching of God's grace as effectual and the implications of its power.

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