Sovereignty is one of the doctrines that most people affirm but really don’t understand. So, when they hear what Scripture says relating to its object, they have difficulty with the overarching theme of what it truly means to be sovereign over all things, especially the will of humanity.

James & Eddie discuss sovereignty in two parts and let Scripture illustrate the points without infusing any philosophical ideals upon the doctrine.

You Can Search Forever


An endless supply of answers ranging from right to right off the chart of nonsense can be found when ploughing through the littered info-web of theological data. Even well-meaning ministries will do their best to produce a focused and contextual (from the biblical text) answer to most things but fall short because they don’t have the wide staff of volunteers who can ensure accuracy and much more, orthodoxy.

We want to help you stop looking for answers in every direction and finally get the information you need. Some of the different aspects of what we can answer for you are found in the diversity of our staff.

  • Greek contextual construction, grammar, and interpretation related to syntax.
  • Church history, including historical theology that can give you insight on when things began or “went bad” to some degree.
  • Cults, world religions, denominationalism, etc. are at your fingertips.
  • Church practices and other areas of “religion” and “faith” are better understood through both the historical and contextual lens.
  • Applied and Ecclesiastical Theology prepares the pastor for understanding what the Scripture teaches in reference to who the church are and what they are to be.

There are many more. Just ask and find out. Ask your question today. 

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